Forged in the fires of Viking lore, reanimated in modern day Scandinavia, and imported to the quiet village of Ballard - Kubb is set to continue it's roaring American debut. In 2010, the amateur circuit sprang from humble grass-roots, and captured the imagination of everyone from young professionals to the occasional curious homeless Seattleite. This year Co-Commissioners 4 Life, Blake "The Closer" and Courtney "The Laser" have unveiled the newest semi-pro league in America, the Seattle Kubb League (SKL).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

4/17: The Sun is Shining!

The sun is shining folks. It's time for Spring Kubb Training to begin. Hopefully you've been doing your offseason exercises, because this year we're playing for keeps! (Whatever that means).

This blog may not be worth my trouble, in fact I'm certain it isn't. But it will be be a means to post photos, tell our stories, and most importantly to keeping a running ranking of all the stats of Kubbery. Rankings will be established by the Super Secret Blake Index (SSBI) which will find a way to balance team and individual performance to crown a champion.

What I need from you is
a) for you to follow this blog so you can get up to the minute stats,
b) any suggestions that would make this more interactive or fun,
c) a nickname with which you will be known by (I reserve the right to ignore it and put something completely different in place)

Welcome to the League folks! Skål!


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  2. Is it okay if we establish a Pittsburgh chapter? By and I were just discussing putting together some Kubb games over the next few months since it's finally not cruddy outside.

  3. It's absolutely encouraged to start up a Pittsburgh chapter. I sent the blog invite to 4 folks from Pittsburgh between you, Byron, Grant and Tricia. We insist however on being honorary vice-Commissioners.

  4. Dibs on "Doctor Mexico" as my kubb name.

  5. Yess!! I'm in for a Pittsburgh Chapter! We've gotta keep our skills and stats up in order to keep up with the Seattle Kubb League. Abby and Byron do you have a Kubb set or should we make one?

  6. Oh man, I bet we can get the ObscureGamesPGH gang to take this way too seriously.

  7. For those of you in Pittsburgh, The Rockford, IL Kubb Tournament has three team spots open for their May 21st tournament.
    Also, please check out the U.S. National Kubb Championship Facebook page as well. Thanks.

  8. E, do you think the Seattle Kubb League is unworthy of sending representatives? Perhaps you didnt read about our intense off season workout regimen? That said I will certainly encourage our Iron City All-Stars to make the event.